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When your trees grow to a size that makes it hard for you to maintain them yourself it is time to call an experienced and licensed tree service professional like Joe’s Tree Care! We have the equipment and the know how to help you get your trees looking their best. Tree trimming done right will not only enhance the beauty of your trees it will also keep them healthy and growing strong. We see all types of trees here in Southern California and many of the tree types we service require special treatment to ensure their health and maintain their appeal.

Keep your garden and home looking well kept by trimming trees that need attention. Getting on a tree trimming schedule is terrific for your garden’s wellbeing and can encourage trees to fruit and flower. By getting it done professionally, you’ll protect your trees, yourself and your property from accidental damage. Our qualified team can remove tricky to reach branches safely and at your convenience. We’re experts at knowing when a tree is in good health or might need attention and we have specialized equipment to ensure the job gets done correctly.

Sometimes you’ll need to get rid of dead or dangerous branches that are too high to reach with ease. When a tree has dead branches, it can hinder its growth and put pressure on other parts of the tree. Removing dead branches can encourage your tree’s roots to become stronger, which in turn encourages newer branches to grow. Trimming can also help remove parts of a tree that are suffering from disease, fungi or insect infestation. Dead tree branches are important to remove as they are at risk of falling during high winds or bad weather, which in turn, may cause damage to your home and become a safety hazard to your family and neighborhood. Knowing how to safely trim these branches is where we come in. You’ll want someone who can assess a tree’s impact on its surroundings, including building structures, other trees, and powerlines. Joe’s Tree Care performs branch removal with precision and care so you can relax knowing the job will be done with your safety in mind.

Tree Trimming, Pruning, Shaping & Thinning for all tree types including

Palm Trees

Large Trees

Pine Tress

Small Trees

Fruit Trees

Seasonal Trees & more

Let our tree service experts help you get your trees looking and feeling their best!

Often people choose to utilize tree trimming for aesthetic reasons to keep their garden attractive for years to come. Dead and dying palm fronds can be an eyesore and are difficult to get to. Sometimes trees can grow to look overgrown and awkward. Reshaping trees and foliage can help. If large trees start taking up too much space, removing branches can help improve your view and outlook without having to take out the entire tree. We can trim trees for any aesthetic preference, to shape and hone your garden to your liking. We understand the different needs of different trees and the likelihood of future hazards. Trees are often strengthened and improved visually by pruning so we recommend speaking with our team about how often it should be done.

During the dry season, it’s a good idea to make sure your yard and trees aren’t adding unnecessary risks to your property. Dead and dry tree branches can be a danger and trimming these back can help keep on top of things before it’s too late.

Reasons for tree trimming include:

  • Improves overall tree health
  • Encourages strong growth
  • Increases fruit and flower production
  • Obstruction and safety issues around your home
  • Aesthetic design
  • Improved views
  • Fire safety clean up

We can provide pruning, palm tree skinning, canopy thinning, stump removal, natural lacing, bush clearance, and emergency services. Keep your yard looking clean, clear and healthy by getting your trees trimmed as needed.

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