Weather, wind, soil erosion, disease, there are many reasons that a tree and its branches can become a threat to your home and safety. Broken branches can fall and damage vehicles, property and people, dying or diseased trees have the potential to fall with little to no notice. A fallen tree or tree branch can cause financial and personal distress. We can remove these issues safely and securely.

When emergencies do hit, Joe’s Tree Care are available to help map out the best course of action to keep everyone safe. Sometimes emergency tree removal is necessary after inclement weather. Tree branches, large and small can be damaged and weakened by strong winds, especially if a tree is already dead, injured or diseased. Our expert crew will assess the situation and determine the best methods for emergency repair. With years of experience in all kinds of emergency scenarios, we have a wealth of knowledge that we’re happy to share, especially when challenging scenarios pop up, as they often do.

Emergency situations can occur out of the blue and with little warning. The west coast in particular is susceptible to natural forces such as earthquakes, the Santa Ana winds, droughts and El Nino storms. We recommend assessing your property, your environment and planning ahead as much as possible to keep your home safe and avoid emergencies. Of course, you can never be one hundred percent prepared, but that’s when you can reach out to a reliable crew that’s available to take your call 24/7.

There are many different urgent services we can perform. Often a timely tree removal is needed to protect your home’s value or to remove dangerous debris that is hazardous to your family. Large trees and branches affected by storms can cause damage to your home, cars, powerlines and property. Once a tree comes down, we can dispose of it carefully, and deal with any stump issues it may have left behind. We have specialized, heavy-duty equipment at the ready for this purpose, and our team is experienced at responding to all sorts of emergencies in all kinds of conditions.

When it comes to planning ahead, we recommend you don’t leave tree trimming or tree removal to the last minute as you never know what kind of weather is around the corner. Having us inspect and trim your trees regularly and advise on any hazards, will help avoid hairy scenarios in the future. Regular maintenance is important for your tree and home’s safety. Not only for trimming away dead branches, but clearing underbrush that can act as kindling during fire season. It’s always best to keep your yard safe before storms hit, and free from dead branches that can break easily.

Our emergency repair service includes tree branch trimming, tree removal, bush and shrubbery clearing, stump removal and wood chipping.

Maintenance services we offer that can help you avoid emergency situations include:

  • Tree trimming
  • Dead tree removal
  • Bush and undergrowth removal
  • Inspection and advice

We understand that despite taking all these precautions, emergencies do come up. If they do, then we’re there to see you through, so you can get your property safe and back to normal as soon as possible. We take all emergency situations seriously and respond professionally. To protect your home and family and ensure the value and aesthetics of your property, keep us in mind, so you can rest easy knowing a professional to service is available when you need it.

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