Brush and Hillside Clearance

Removing unsightly bushes or unwanted shrubbery from any property can not only increase the property’s appeal but can also save you from fines and fees associated with fire hazards! Storms can also become a reason to have your property properly cleaned and cleared of debris. We provide complete hauling and removal services for all types of shrubbery and debris including yard cleanups, hillside clearance, lot clearance, back yard cleaning, stump removals and more.

There are many reasons to have bushes and shrubs removed from your property. Dense and overgrown foliage can be an eyesore and dangerous. It can be difficult to remove bushes and shrubs that have gotten out of control. That’s why getting in an expert can save you a lot of pain and time. Joe’s Tree Care has the kind of heavy-duty equipment that is needed to remove such coverage. When removing thick foliage, there are many things to consider. Getting the root of these bushes out, to prevent regrowth is important, and doing it without causing damage to the surrounding trees and plants you wish to remain intact, can be a challenge.

One big reason we recommend the clearing of shrubs and bush around your property is for fire safety. Here in Southern California fires are common and dry seasons are lasting longer and longer. Dry, dense bush can act as kindling and speed the spread of fire. For the sake of your home and your community’s security, we recommend regular clearing of dense dry underbrush and dead tree foilage. Get in before your local fire department does, because local fire departments are often active in surveying and notifying property owners when their shrubbery is becoming a fire hazard for wildfires.

It’s important to get a professional to do your clearing, rather than DIY it, because underbrush can often contain thorns, spikey leaves, and even be poisonous, like in the case of poison ivy. Bushes are also often a breeding ground for ticks and other bugs, like termites that you don’t want spread, or to come in contact with your pets and home.

Keeping your garden looking and feeling tidy is another great reason for bush and shrub clearance. Overgrown bushes can look unsightly and also cause trees to lose nutrients. In some cases, they can even strangle trees by attaching themselves to tree root systems. Not to mention create an environment where shrubs that you want to grow find it hard to thrive. Lots of overgrown bushland can create a place for rodents to hide and bugs and pests to breed. Ticks often found in wild shrubs have been known to spread Lyme disease.

Contact us to clear your shrubbery and we’ll take the steps needed to look after it. Including taking a good look at your land and garden to map out the best and most efficient plan of attack and to make sure you are only removing the shrubbery you want disposed of. It’s also helpful to take note of any difficult terrain, including rocky outcrops or swamp areas that might make machine access difficult. Then we will advise on what equipment is best for the job.

Choosing how to dispose of the shrubbery is up to you. We are more than happy to take it for you if you prefer not to dispose of it yourself. No matter what, clearing your unwanted shrubs and bushes is a great idea and an important part of your garden’s upkeep.

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