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Tree Trimming Services in Riverside

Joe’s Tree Care is Riverside’s favorite tree trimming company. As a fully licensed and insured tree care company serving the Inland Empire, Joe’s Tree Care (formerly Kings Tree Service) has decades of experience and top reviews for our tree trimming, tree removal, brush clearance, and stump removal services.

If you haven’t had your trees pruned recently, now is the time to book your service. At Joe’s Tree Care, you can rely on fair pricing, free estimates, unbeatable customer service, and excellent results. Joe’s Tree Care also provides 24-hour emergency services throughout Riverside, Chino, San Dimas, La Verne, Claremont, and surrounding communities.

Reasons to Schedule Regular Tree Trimming

Your trees are part of your home. Providing clean air, cool shade, and enhanced curb appeal your trees deserve the same care and attention you put into taking care of your home. That means that your trees need to be trimmed regularly. Here is why you need to regularly have your trees trimmed.

top rated tree service company Joe’s Tree Care

Tree Trimming Keeps Your Loved Ones Safe

Tree trimming is vital to protecting your home and your loved ones. Consider that strong Santa Ana winds that are frequent in Riverside do topple trees every year. If your trees haven’t been trimmed, they are weaker, and more vulnerable to high winds. If your tree is diseased due to lack of regular trimming the entire root structure may be at risk.

Moreover, dead branches hanging over your power lines, roof, or vehicles can snap off and cause extensive damage to your property.

Tree Trimming Prevents Tree Death

Having your trees regularly trimmed will remove diseased, infested, and damaged branches and limbs. This prevents any infestation from spreading throughout the tree. In addition, by removing unhealthy branches, you expose the healthy, thriving limbs to better air circulation and more sunlight, which keeps the tree healthy.

Regular Tree Trimming Encourages Fruit Production

Here in SoCal we are lucky to have an abundance of fruit bearing trees that thrive in our warm climate. But, without regular tree trimming your fig trees, avocado trees, and citrus trees won’t produce much fruit. Trimming your trees regularly promotes spur growth, which encourages fruit production.

Regular Pruning Keeps Your Trees Beautiful

Regular pruning helps your trees to maintain a beautiful shape. Since it also rids trees of disease, it helps your trees to look lusher and more vibrant, beautifully complementing your home.

Tree Trimming Saves Money

Having your trees trimmed regularly in Riverside can be a huge money saver. Consider that regular pruning can prevent death, damage, and the added expense of tree removal. Setting up a regular trimming and maintenance schedule for the trees on your property will save money over time.

top rated tree service company Joe’s Tree Care

Why Choose Joe’s Tree Care for Tree Trimming in Riverside?

Joe’s Tree Care has served SoCal homeowners, commercial property owners, investment property owners, and business owners for years as King’s Tree Service. We are a 5-star reviewed tree trimming company that provides each customer with:

  • Fair Prices
  • Experienced Tree Trimmers
  • Five-Star Service
  • Fully Licensed and Insured
  • 24/7 Emergency Services

We are experienced in trimming all types and sizes of trees in Riverside County including:

  • Palm trees
  • Fruit trees
  • Shrubs
  • Pine Trees
  • Seasonal Trees
  • Small Trees
  • Large Trees
Tree trimming and pruning in Upland, CA
Tree trimming and pruning in Upland, CA

Get a Free Tree Trimming Estimate in Riverside

Joe’s Tree Care provides free tree trimming estimates in Riverside County. For a free estimate or to schedule service, send us a message or call 626-221-6471. Contact us 24/7 for emergency service.

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