Tree Trimming Service in Fontana

Joe’s Tree Care provides expert tree trimming services throughout the Fontana area. Our team offers experience and the know-how to trim and prune all types of trees from palm trees and pine trees to fruit trees and seasonal trees. Whether you’ve never trimmed your trees before or you trim your trees on a regular schedule, we are ready to help! To get started, contact us online or give us call at 626-221-6471.

Keeping Your Trees Healthy

Our tree trimming services will keep your trees growing healthy and looking great. When your trees are too much for you to manage yourself, call on Joe’s Tree Care. We have the specialized equipment to care for all different types of trees that grow here in Southern California. Not all trees that grow in our region are easy to care for and many types require special treatment to ensure their health and appeal.

Tree Trimming Schedule

A regular tree trimming schedule is an excellent want to keep your garden and home looking well and is great for the wellbeing of your garden. Additionally, regular trimming and pruning can encourage trees to fruit and flower. With our professional help, we will ensure trees are protected and you and your property stay safe. Our qualified team can remove branches that are difficult to reach and we understand when a tree is in good health and when it needs attention.

Why Trim Your Trees?

  • Keep your yard beautiful
  • Reduce fire hazards
  • Protect home and neighborhood
  • Improve your view
  • Keep your garden healthy
  • Increase flower and fruit production

Remove Dead Branches

It’s important to remove dead or dangerous branches from the trees in your yard. Trees with dead branches can put pressure on other parts of the tree and hinder the tree’s growth. By removing dead branches, you encourage the tree to grow stronger roots which in turn encourages new branches to grow. We can help you remove difficult to reach branches and also remove parts of a tree that are suffering from fungi, infection, or disease.

Additionally, it is important to remove dead tree branches because they are at higher risk of falling during high winds and bad weather. These branches can damage home and pose risk to your neighborhood.

Tree Trimming Assessment

When we visit your property we will assess which trees are healthy and which trees are posing risks to surrounding areas, including:

  • Building structures
  • Other trees
  • Power lines

Once we have assessed what risks are present, we perform branch removal with precision and care.

Trimming Trees in a Neighborhood Near You

We see all types of trees here in Southern California. For better or worse, many types require special treatment to ensure their health and appeal. For this reason, we offer tree trimming, pruning, shaping, and thinning for all types of trees:

  • Palm trees
  • Pine trees
  • Fruit trees: Apple, Cherry, Key Lime and more
  • Large trees
  • Small trees
  • Seasonal trees

Enhance Your Outdoor Beauty

Dead and dying palm fronds can be an eyesore. Some trees can look overgrown and awkward! By reshaping your trees and foliage, removing select branches, and trimming trees to your preference we help keep your garden aesthetically pleasing now and for years to come. To get started, contact us at 626-221-6471 or contact us online.

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