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Professional Tree Removal Service in Riverside

For the safest, most efficient tree removal service in Riverside, contact Joe’s Tree Care (formerly King’ Tree Service) today. Joe’s Tree Care is a top-reviewed tree removal, trimming, brush clearance and stump removal company serving Riverside and Los Angeles Counties.

top rated tree service company Joe’s Tree Care

If you have a tree on your property that is diseased, dangerous, or unattractive, we are here to help. We can provide a fast, free estimate, and swift removal of any shape, size, and type of tree on your property. In addition to tree removal, we are also available to provide you with professional:

Why Would a Tree in Riverside Need to Be Removed?

People choose to remove trees for aesthetic reasons, and for safety reasons. Diseased, weak, damaged, and infested trees pose a safety risk to you, your family, and to others. Signs that a tree on your property is unhealthy, and poses a risk include the following:

  • No leaf growth
  • Several or many dead branches
  • Tree appears to be leaning
  • No production of fruit
  • Tree is near utility wires
  • Tree is blocking safe entry/exit from your driveway
  • Bark is peeling
  • Large cracks are visible in the trunk
  • The trunk looks hollowed out
  • Branches are hanging over your home’s roof or driveway
top rated tree service company Joe’s Tree Care
top rated tree service company Joe’s Tree Care

If you are not sure if a tree on your residential or commercial property is unhealthy, our team of professional tree trimmers at Joe’s Tree Care can help you determine whether the tree needs to be removed, or simply needs to be trimmed to thrive again.

Failing to remove a dangerous tree can make you liable for damage to your home, a neighbor’s home, or an individual who could be harmed by a falling tree. For example, your homeowner’s insurance may pay for damage to your roof caused by a tree falling due to a storm. However, if a tree falls because you failed to have it removed, or if its branches snap and damage your vehicle because you didn’t have it trimmed, you may be found liable to pay for the damages.

Likewise, if a tree on your property is preventing drivers on the road from a clear line of vision, and an accident occurs, you may be found liable for damages. If you are worried about a tree on your property restricting visibility, it is best to contact the experts for advice on removing or trimming the tree.

Joe’s Tree Care: Safe, Efficient, Professional Tree Services in Riverside

The experts at Joe’s Tree Care boast more than 20 years of experience in the safe removal of all types of trees in Riverside. As the local area’s favorite tree-trimming, pruning, and tree removal company, we are fully licensed and insured. At Joe’s Tree Care you may rely on:

  • 100% response rate
  • Best customer service
  • Rapid response
  • 24/7 emergency service
  • Affordable pricing
  • Comprehensive tree care: removal, trimming, pruning, stump grinding
  • Service offered 7 days a week
  • Clean up after removal
  • Friendly staff
Tree trimming and pruning in Upland, CA
Tree trimming and pruning in Upland, CA

Get a Free Estimate for Tree Removal in Riverside

If you have a sick, diseased, or dangerous tree on your property in Riverside, contact Joe’s Tree Care today by calling 626-221-6471. You may also send us a message and we will get back to you ASAP.

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